MS&E Faculty

Rufina Alamo

Chemical and Biomedical Engineering

Phase transitions in polymeric materials, crystallization and melting processes in flexible and semirigid polymers, in random copolymers and in polymer blends.

Petru Andrei

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Electronics and inverse problems in nanoscale (quantum) and power semiconductor devices, energy storage systems (Li-air, Li-ion batteries, fuel cells, etc.), fast multipole methods, hysteresis and noise passage through hysteretic systems. For more info visit our group website, RandFlux, and HysterSoft.

Christianne Beekman


Exploiting the many interactions in complex oxides to find new ways to control their properties using external perturbations (such as strain, electric fields and optical excitation).

Irinel Chiorescu


Quantum effects at nanoscopic scale, magnetic molecules and superconducting flux qubits.

Hoyong Chung

Chemical and Biomedical Engineering

Studies the design and synthesis of application-oriented polymers using interdisciplinary concepts from biology, materials science, organic chemistry, and chemical engineering. This research includes development of new biomedical materials, sustainable smart materials, and catalytic polymer materials.

Naresh Dalal

Chemistry and Biochemistry

Develop new materials (superconductors, highly correlated electron spin systems, molecular magnets, ferroelectrics), and applications and improvements of existing instrumental methods (magnetic susceptibility, specific heat, Raman spectroscopy, high field EPR probe design, NMR methods)

Hanwei Gao


Physics and chemistry of solid-state nanomaterials with photonic and optoelectronic functions. Current projects investigate plasmonic and electronic properties of hybrid metal-semiconductor nanostructures for improved solid-state light emitting and solar energy harvesting applications.

Daniel Hallinan

Chemical & Biomedical Engineering

Electrochemical energy storage, polymer-Inorganic composites for lithium batteries, stress at block copolymer interfaces, transport in polymer electrolyte membranes.

Kenneth Hanson

Chemistry & Biochemistry

Design, synthesis and characterization of light absorbing and emitting molecules for various applications. Design chromophores guided by electrochemical and photophysical characterization of the molecules/devices emphasizing understanding their structure-property relationships.

Eric Hellstrom

Mechanical Engineering

Electronic ceramic materials, high-temperature superconductors.

Yan-Yan Hu

Chemistry and Biochemistry

Solid-state NMR, Interfaces, Energy Storage, Electrochemistry, Organic-Inorganic Composite Materials

Chen Huang

Scientific Computing

Focuses on developing advanced theoretical methods to solve challenging electronic and kinetic problems in materials. Actively developing a so-called quantum mechanics embedding theory which offers a way to perform multiscale quantum mechanics simulations of complex materials and molecules.

Tak Photo.jpg

Fumitake (Tak) Kametani

Mechanical Engineering

Focuses on correlated advanced electron microscopes including high resolution scanning electron microscope and (scanning) transmission electron microscope; nano-fabrication using focused ion beam; nanostructural correlations to physical properties in materials.

Justin Kennemur

Chemistry and Biochemistry

Focuses on the design and synthesis of functional polymer systems with the goal of creating new materials that address key issues in society. An area of great interest is the ability of macromolecules to autonomously self-assemble into a hierarchy of secondary, tertiary, and even quaternary structures.

David Larbalestier

Mechanical Engineering

Superconducting materials.

Susan Latturner

Chemistry and Biochemistry

Synthesis of new inorganic materials using molten salts or metal fluxes as reaction media, in particular growth of magnetic phases and hydrogen storage alloys.

Steven Lenhert

Biological Science

Bionanotechnology, self-assembly and self-organization, biological membranes, cell-substrate interactions, photosynthesis, tissue engineering, synthetic biology, Langmuir-Blodgett films, micro- and nanoarrays, bottom-up microfabrication, dip-pen nanolithography, and scanning probe microscopy.

Zhiyong (Richard) Liang

Industrial and Mechanical Engineering

Composite materials and processing, polymer materials, multifunctional materials, process modeling, simulation for material processing

Shangchao Lin

Mechanical Engineering

Multi-scale computational materials science, atomistic simulations of functional nano-/biomaterials, coarse-grained simulations of composite microstructures, nanoscale thermal transport, advanced thermal fluids, electrochemical energy storage, water purification and desalination, nano/biomechanics, colloid and surface chemistry, and interfacial phenomena.

Biwu Ma

Chemical & Biomedical Engineering

Organic electronics, solar energy conversion, light emitting diodes, energy storage devices, directed- and self-assembly of nanomaterials.

Jose L. Mendoza-Cortes

Chemical and Biomedical Engineering

His research philosophy focuses on attacking problems in engineering and pure sciences and developing methods needed to solve them, not the other way around. These problems are studied by developing or using established methods related to: Multiscale – Multiparadigm simulations (from atoms to continuum), Quantum Mechanics (DFT, MP, CCSD), Atomistic Simulations (MD, Force Field development, ReaxFF, Coarse grained FF), Statistical Mechanics (Soft matter), Computational Engineering (Chemical and Mechanical Eng., and Materials) and Machine Learning (Big Data).

William Oates

Mechanical Engineering

Experimental and theoretical solid mechanics, multiscale modeling of ferroic materials, and nonlinear control of smart systems and structures.

Subramanian (Rama) Ramakrishnan

Chemical & Biomedical Engineering

Colloidal science, nanotechnology, nanoparticle synthesis and self-assembly, rheology of complex fluids, renewable energy, biofuels, and bioseparations.

Sachin Shanbhag

Scientific Computing

Polymer rheology, crystallization in copolymers, topology and dynamics of polymeric networks, multiscale modeling, computational modeling for tissue engineering and nanotechnology applications.

Michael Shatruk

Chemistry and Biochemistry

Magnetic and hybrid materials, spin-switching materials, organic conductors, magnetocalorics.

Theo Siegrist

Chemical and Biomedical Engineering

Organic semiconductors; structural analysis of nanoscale materials; structure-property relationship in crystalline materials; crystal growth; and X-ray diffraction.

John Sobanjo

Civil & Environmental Engineering

Transportation engineering , construction engineering , infastructure engineering and management , GPS & GIS applications.

Geoffrey Strouse

Chemistry and Biochemistry

Developing systematic routes for the preparation, assembly, and characterization of nano-scale materials; surface, defects, and structural analysis of nanomaterials by correlated optical, magnetic, mass spectroscopic, and thermodynamic spectroscopies; analysis of coupled structural, magnetic, or electronic phase transitions in single crystal materials.

Oscar Vafek


Condensed matter theory, specifically superconductivity and quantum phase transitions.

Zhibin Yu

Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering

Semiconductor thin film growth, energy harvesting, wearable electronics, sensors and actuators, scalable fabrication process

Changchun (Chad) Zeng

Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering

Composite manufacturing, precision manufacturing, metrology.

Mei Zhang

Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering

Nanomaterials processing and applications.

Jim Zheng

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Nanomaterial and nanotechnology; energy storage and conversion; photonic and chemical sensors.

James Brooks (1944-2014)


Experimental and computational investigation of fundamental mechanisms in low dimensional and anisotropic materials, including both organic and inorganic molecular conductors.

Per Arne Rikvold


Applications of equilibrium and nonequilibrium computational statistical mechanics to problems in materials science, condensed-matter physics, and biology.

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