Degree Requirements & Courses

Degree Requirements

Students entering the Ph.D. program with a B.S. degree or an M.S. degree will be required to a take a minimum of 54 credits including at least 27 credits of letter-graded courses and at least 24 credits of dissertation research. Students will also take the Interdisciplinary Seminar Series (0 credits) the entire time they are in MS&E. The letter-graded classes are described below.

27 credits (minimum) of letter-graded courses

4 core courses (minimum 12 credits)

  • Fundamental Core Courses: *Three required
  • Elective Core Courses: *One required

5 elective, specialization courses (minimum 15 credits)

24 credits (minimum) of dissertation research

Fundamental Core Courses – All three courses are required from the following list

Elective Core courses - Students select one course from the following list

Survey of materials

  • Topics in Materials Chemistry I: (CHM 5715) (or equivalent)

Survey of synthesis and processing

  • Synthesis and Processing of Advanced Materials: (EIN 5930)

Thermodynamics and kinetics

  • Materials Thermodynamics and Kinetics: (ECH 5934) (or equivalent)

Computational methods for materials

  • Molecular Dynamics: Algorithms and Applications: (ISC 5225)
  • Multiscale Modeling of Materials: (ISC 5229)
  • Computational Material Physics: (EML 4930/5930)

Solid state science for materials scientists/engineers

  • Materials and Measurements: (PHY6937) (or equivalent)

Characterization of materials

  • Characterization of Materials I: (CHM 5716)
  • Characterization of Materials II: (CHM 5717)


  • Interdisciplinary Seminar Series (ISC5937) - taken every semester the student is in MS&E (0 credits)
  • Elective Specialization Courses – M.S. students select 4 courses (12 credits minimum) from the following list of Elective Specialization Courses. This list of Elective Specialization courses is not exhaustive and other courses can be used. If a student wants to take a course that is not on this list, they should discuss the course with their advisor, get their advisor’s approval to take the course, and then petition the MS&E Curriculum Committee to use this course as an Elective Specialization course BEFORE taking the course.

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Elective Specilization Courses

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